Carole Burg
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Welcome to my Website. I'm a writer, have been a writer all my life and have always held close the dream of writing and publishing a novel.

I had no idea of how demanding and mind-and time-absorbing writing a novel would be. Perhaps that was a good thing because if I had thought about it I might never have started. When I decided, finally, to sit down and write the story, writing the words, "the end," seemed as far away as the outer galaxies in the Milky Way.

Well, the words finally did come and my dream did become real. My first novel, "Inside The Nightmare," an exciting, adventure/suspense novel, has been published.

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Inside the Nightmare by Carole Burg
About Inside the Nightmare
The novel is set in Texas in the 1980's. It was an oil-rich, wheeler-dealer, easy-money, quick-profits, greed-driven oil-dependent economy. And it all suddenly crashed in a whirlwind slide of events.
Inside the Nightmare is the suspenseful, action-packed story focusing on Karen, the secretary to the evil president of one corruption-ruled bank. Her knowledge of the Grady Files, which chronicle the dangerous and illegal acts committed by the bankers, targets her for murder. Karen's lover, a pilot working undercover for the DEA, and dealing drugs with dangerous, loathsome drug lords, is aware of her precarious situation. Because of his association with the bank's president, who is funding the drug deals, and with vicious underworld drug criminals, he unknowingly places her in greater danger. Suspense builds as the bank teeters on the brink of collapse and Karen cannot escape the inevitable.

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